The Bus Co. and Lance Fahy this Saturday

The Bus Co. are a three piee with some bluesy elements coming to the Barnyard for the first time. You may have seen them at Festy Fest or Weston Bluegrass Festival. Lance Fahy said that he has several musicians coming with him for the show this Saturday! Here are some vids to check out! That is Jason Meier from the Ready Brothers on the washboard and longtime Barnyard hero James Dean Rose, Jr. on bass. The show is $3, doors at 8pm.

Jon Eric banjo bad-ass at the Barnyard

This first video has 95,000 hits! The last video is crazy, as he constructs a multi-instrument song with a loop recorder. We are honored to have Jon visit us. Come and check out an amazing talent this Friday May 25th for FREE! Doors at 9pm. The red barn doors behind the Merc.

Kasey Rausch videos!

She will be with us tonight for Mudstomp Monday.

Sunflower Colonels and Old Fangled

Tonight on 92.9 The Bull at 10pm you can hear two hours of air-tight bluegrass barnstormin’. The recording was last Friday night at our brewery and it was one hell of a goodtime. Make sure you check on us here or at facebook for our upcoming events so you can be a part of recorded history. Thanks to the Sunflower Colonels and Old Fangled for being such great performers and people.

Also listen to Farmer’s Turnpike on 92.9 The Bull at 8pm for music by the best Midwestern alt. bluegrass, Americana, and country bands. Together it’s a four hour block of radio for the Winfield and Weston crowd.

We will have the Fast Food Junkies this coming Saturday April 21 to record for the show. It’s gonna be a ruckous!

A Good Time this Friday

We have an amazing lineup for you this week! Midwestern bluegrass legends James Dean Rose, Jr. and Mike Helvey will take on the barnburnin’ responsibilities for the night. They are joined by local heroes Byers & Yother, Mike Craig, and Jerry Frederick. Come down at 9pm this Friday for ‘A Good Time @BarnyardBeer’.

James Dean Rose, Jr. is a Midwestern bluegrass phenomenon who has produced one of the most jaw dropping bluegrass albums around. A Goodtime and Old Timey Too is the inspiration for our radio shows name “A Good Time @BarnyardBeer”. Get it here because it is a necessary listen for the Winfield and Weston crowd.

Mike Helvey is the original Deadman Flats banjo player and has performed for over 30 years in the Midwest. His lightning speed and precision picking are known throughout the bluegrass community. In addition to Deadman Flats he has performed with Big Cat KS, Creek Bank Ghetto Boys, White Trash Express, and many more. Songs he has written have appeared on countless albums and are played from the Mississippi river to the Rockies. If you’ve explored the Winfield stages over the last 30 years then you have surely caught Mike somewhere. It is an honor to put him out their for all to hear on 92.9 The Bull.

A new duet, Byers & Yother, will make their debut. Yother is in several known regional acts such as The Haymakers and Prairie Acre. Byers is in Old Fangled and was recorded last week. You can be hear that recording this Sunday night at 10pm on 92.9fm.

Mike Craig has been performing with The Satchel Green Band for years but this time he will be performing a solo acoustic set for us. This guy can sing. We can’t wait for this!

Jerry Frederick has become a Mudstomp Monday regular and plays a unique style of acoustic rock with influences like The Black Keys and Jack White. His band, Rev Gusto, will surely make waves in the Lawrence indie scene. See him now so in the future you can say you did.

Come see them all Friday night at 9pm! Then listen to 92.9fm on Sunday night for a four hour block of Barnyard approved music. “Farmer’s Turnpike” begins at 8pm and “A Good Time @BarnyardBeer” begins at 10pm. You can listen online too.

Thanks to the Community Mercantile (The Merc), Mass Beverage, and Weston Bluegrass Festival for their kind sponsorship of this radio program on 92.9 The Bull.

James Dean Rose, Jr. sings High as a Mountain

James and the incomparable Tyler Gregory. I would have loved to see that!

James Dean Rose, Jr. sings Summertime

Come and see our good friend James this Friday. We have an amazing show in store this week for our radio show ‘A Good Time @BarnyardBeer’


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